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Image of CD + BOOK COMBO!


The "SKYPIPER BLACK BOOK" was created to accompany "SKYPIPER" (Selftitled LP). So HERE'S THE REAL DEAL!

THIRTEEN ARTISTS created thirteen works of art to accompany thirteen songs by Skypiper. Each art piece is in order with the album so that the listener may view the art piece while listening to the song.

Each artist was given an unfinished version of a song from "SKYPIPER" (while the band was still in the studio) with the only instructions being to create an art piece based on that song. No rules. No direction. Only that the piece be directly based on the song. Artists had no idea what other artist's pieces looked like. Some used pencil, some used water color, some took photo's, some used a ball-point pen. The finished product is EXACLY what Skypiper wanted. A quality, hard-bound book, with high definition/color images, of pure original art based on each song from the album.

The "SKYPIPER BLACK BOOK" is a landscaped, hardbound book that contains 40 pages of high definition imagery- including thirteen art pieces as well as band photo's and thanks. The dimensions of the book are 5.5 inches tall by 8.5 inches long, when the book is closed.